5th World Youth ARDF Championship

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DSC 0124This year the 5th World Youth ARDF Championship was held in Városlőd from 26-29 June, where close to a hundred competitors participated from eleven countries from three continents.

The organising team started the initial preparations in September last year. The selection of the perfect terrain is the foundation of a good race, but the arraging of maps, presents and free time activities were just as important.

The participants arrived on 26 June to Iglauer Park, the accommodation and event centre for the week.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the local village hall where dr. Szabó László Zsolt said a few words as the representative of the Hungarian National Media Council.

On the first competition day the young people competed on classic 2m in the forest near Városlőd, where they got lucky with the weather, as it only started raining once the last competitors were in the finish.

The Sprint was the second event, which was set up in the Sobri Adventure Park nearby. The contestants did really well, but their motivation to be fast was understandable, as after finishing they were greeted with a delicious meal and a wristband which allowed them to use almost all the games in the park. So for the afternoon the kids put aside all rivalry and swam and played together.

Thursday was the day of the classic 80m competition and the last day of the championship. The youngsters were looking for the foxes in blazing sunshine on the other side of the terrain from the first day. Although their tiredness was visible, they all still ran heroically and achieved great results.

The day and the championship ended with the awarding ceremony, where Edina Vargáné

Andrejkó, the Secretary General of National Competitive Sport Association presented some of the awards.

The crowning event of the week was the Hamfest, the closing party, where the kids danced and celebrated together listening to music from each other’s countries.

Based on the feedback of the participating teams the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society organised a great championship, and the young athletes are already excited about the championship next year.

The detailed results and photos are available on the championship website:https://wyac2023.mrasz.org/gallery

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