Aranyhomok Cup International ARDF festival

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aranyhomokkupa fb2019. április 19-21.

    1. Goal of the competition:
      Giving the opportunity to train and compete before the next IARU Region 1. Championship.

  1. Organizer:
    Aranyhomok Radioclub
  2. Date:

  3. Event center:
    Boróka Primary School (opposite to COOP ABC)
    Kecskeméti u. 1.
    6235 Bócsa
    46,615804, 19.476258

  4. Participants:
    Everybody undertakses to start on the competition at their own risk!

  5. Entries:
    Deadline: 04.11 Thursday midnight
    Please fill the attached excel sheet and send it back via e-mail to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  6. Categories:
    FOXORING, SPRINT, and classic HF and VHF races will be organized in all categories according to the rules, even in open!

  7. Awarding:
    For FOXORING and SPRINT the first 3 individually rated competitor shall receive diplomas. The classic HF and VHF results will be combined and the first 3 rated competitor shall receive medal and diploma. The Aranyhomok Cup is calculated by the combined points of classic results of each club.

  8. Schedule:

    12:00-13:00   Registration
    13:30   Going to the terrain
    15:00   FOXORING first start
    19:00   Dinner
    06:00-07:00   Breakfast
    08:00   Going to the terrain (Registration till 7:45 A.M.)
    09:00   SPRINT first start
    11:30-12:30   Lunch
    13:30   Going  to the terrain (Registration till 13:00 P.M.)
    15:00   Classic VHF first start
    19:00   Dinner
    6:00-7:00   Breakfast
    07:30         Going to the terrain (Registration 7:00 A.M.)
    09:00   Classic HF first start
    12:00-13:00   Lunch
    14:00   Awarding ceremony

  9. Costs:
    Entry fee: 500 HUF /person/competition
    Accomodation: 1000 HUF or 4000 HUF /person/night (gym or sport hostel)
    Meals: Breakfast 800HUF, Lunch 1300HUF, Dinner 1000 HUF per each.

The organizing comitee of the Aranyhomok Cup welcomes every competitor or visitor to this event!

István Börcsök
                               Endre Kiss-Tóth
Chairman of the Jury   President of the Aranyhomok Radioclub