Széchenyi Zsigmond




The Radioclub of Kaposvár town issues this award. The applicant must submit proof contact made after 24.04.1967, when died the greatest Hungarian hunter, Széchenyi Zsigmond.

Confirmed contacts with next different countries, where he hunted.

5H-Tanzania, 5X-Uganda, 5Z-Kenya, 9A-Croatia, GM-Scotland, HA3 + HA4-Hungary,

 I-Italy, KL-Alaska, OE -Austria, ST-Sudan, SU-Egypt, VU-India, YO-Romania.

The applicant without HA3 + HA4 contacts is invalid.

The „Big Hunter” award issued two degrees. Tx and SWL.

CW, SSB and mixed. 1,8-28 MHz ( no WARC ).

Class I.   HA3 + HA4 + 11 countries

Class II.  HA3 + HA4 + 7 countries

Certified list of QSLs by two tx and 5 IRC or 5 EUR to award manager:

                                                              Borsföldi Ferenc HA3GE
                                                              H-7401 Kaposvár
                                                              PF. 271