Amateur Radio Activity on the Occasion of Hungarian Presidency of European Union


           In first half of 2011 President of Council of EU is Hungary according to the rotation rules of EU.

The Regional Societies of Counties of Győr-Moson-Sopron and Pest of Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) keep in operation some special event stations from 21 January to 30 June, 2011 propagated the Hungarian Presidency of EU with this.

In this period the following special event stations will work in the radio amateur bands:

HG 2011 A, HG 2011 E, HG 2011 I, HG 2011 N, HG 2011 P, HG 2011 R, HG 2011 O, HG 2011 U, HG 2011 EU

The phrase of „EUROPEAN UNION” can arrange by using the suffixes of the call signs.HAMs performed the appropriate number of contacts can make an application for an award of thus occasion

Conditions: Contacts have to make with the following stations for arranging the phrase without any limitation of band or mode:

HG 2011 A          1 QSO        operated by HA5OV

HG 2011 E          2 QSO-s     operated by HA1DAE

HG 2011 I           1 QSO        operated by HA1TJ

HG 2011 N          3 QSO-s     operated by HG1S

HG 2011 P          1 QSO        operated by HA5BA

HG 2011 R          1 QSO        operated by HA6NF

HG 2011 O          2 QSO-s     operated by HA1CW

HG 2011 U          2 QSO-s     operated by HG5A

HG 2011 EU       1 QSO        operated by HA7PL

One contact with HG 2011 EU is mandatory but its E or U letter is useable for replacement of one E or U letter of the phrase.

It has to make an application for the award listing the data of contacts.

The application and the award are free of charge.

The applications are going to be only accepted by e-mail using this address up to 31 Dec, 2011:

Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

The awards are going to be sent by e-mail to whom applicant’s e-mail address fulfilled conditions of the award.

Award manager: HA1DAE

Please don’t sent QSL cards any route (direct, bureau, eqsl etc) to us!

QSL cards of above listed special event stations are going to be sent via national QSL bureaus for every contact.

Sendig of QSL cards and processing of award applications will start only after 30 June, 2011.