Award Manager: HA8MT

On the occasion of its 80th Anniversary, the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society issues a commemorative award with the below conditions:

In the course of the year 2008, 80 points must be collected by way of contacts made with Hungarian stations.

Only two way contacts established between January 1 and December 31, 2008 are valid for the award. There are no band and mode restrictions.

Only QSO-s made in identical mode count, e.g.: 2 x CW, 2 x SSB, 2 x RTTY etc. The award is issued without indication of band and mode.

Contact with any station can be used only once for the certificate. QSL cards need not to be attached to the application, only the QSO data.


Mandatory QSO with HG80HQ: 25 points.

QSO-s with HA80MRASZ, HG80MRASZ: 20 points.

QSO-s with HA80xxx: 10 points.

Any other QSO-s with HA/HG stations: 2 points.

Cost of the certificate: 5 Euros.

Applications and the fee should be sent to the address:

MRASZ, 1400 Budapest, P.O. Box 11

Budapest, January 8, 2008


                                                         The Board of MRASZ